Script - Loan Officer Cold Calling Realtor

Hi Jackie,


My name is John and I am a Loan Officer with ABC Mortgage.  I was calling to find out if you are currently working with any Loan Officers.

Answer:  I am already working with a Loan Officer that I am extremely happy with and I am not interested in working with anyone new.

Alternative Answer:  We have an in house loan officer who I refer all of my business to.  I am not looking to work with anyone new.

Loan Officer Reply: I really appreciate that you value having a business relationship with another Loan Officer that can help support and grow your business.


I can offer you support by helping you with your open houses, referring clients to you from time to time when a lead arises and by being available 7 days a week to help pre-qualify your clients.  I work very hard to help my clients and I am extremely dedicated.


My company has some niche products that many other banks often do not offer.  I think it would be very helpful for you to know about those products.


Would it be OK if I stopped by your office to introduce myself sometime next week?